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Sea yacht-club based in the White Sea bay in Karelia, North-East of Russia

  • Welcome to the Club.

  • We are a sea yacht-club based in the White Sea bay in Karelia, North-East of Russia.

  • Visiting Yachts 

    sailing whitese

    Visiting yachtsmen and their crews are welcome to the Club. The "Chupa Sea Yacht Club" is situated in top of Chupa bay of Kandalaksha gulf in the White Sea almost near the Polar circle. Water area is wind protected from all directions. Boats up to 3 meter immersion can easily pass to the yacht club territory. Fairway is pointed by leading beacon. Breadth of fairway is not less then half a mile. 

  • We offer: 
    - mooring in the yacht club territory

- refueling, charging, fresh water filling, food resupply 
- car rent, any air or ticket booking, sauna and excursions to local sights are also available

  • Repair 

    The Club have full boatyard repair facilities as well as skilled workers to call on. Carpenters, mechanics and painters are available at the yard for repairs. We can lower or lift your yacht with 5-ton capacity crane for transportation or checkup.

  • You can take advantage of following services of ours of yachts-clubs: To rent one or several of our yachts and to make a campaign on the White sea, to fish, visit islands Solovetskie. We shall assist to lower or lift by means of a truck crane your vessel for repair, transportations or survey (weight up to 5-ти tons) we Give parking at berthing constructions.
  • There is an opportunity of winter storage of your vessel. The order of mechanical supply, firesteel and turning works is possible. Refuelling by water, updating of grocery stocks. Leading of an electricity 220 In, refuelling of accumulators.
  • Updating of stocks of fuel and oil. (delivery from a gaz station the car) Granting in rent of motor transport for maintenance of supply, change of crew. We shall organize the order iron-road and avia tickets for change of crew.
  • The organization of a sauna, a bath.
  • The organization of excursions for crew.
  • We can give and coordinate diving of immersing with the instructor, refuelling of cylinders for diving, to give a conductor on sea fishing and hunting.
  • It is possible{probable} reception of your large-sized things (for example catamarans and equipment) with iron-road Stations Louhi at departure by luggage.
  • We shall give a place for storage of the car.
  • We can organize rest on various tourist bases, diving clubs and national park Panajarvi.
  • You can participate in Solovki to a regatta as a member of crew of one of our yachts.
  • We as shall organize youth cruiser campaigns and summer tourist camp on islands Chupinskoj of a lip.
  • We mark ship roles and yachts logbook.

Documents necessary for crossing frontier of the Russian Federation. Obligatory manuals for seafarers on ports Arkhangelsk and Murmansk. Rules of navigation in White and Barentc Seas. The specified information will be placed on a site in the near future.


"Sea yacht club of Chupa" non profit Co. Racing, international project ,sea expedition at White Sea.

Transfer to " Sea yacht club of Chupa" and "KERET-TOUR" hotel , marina.

  • From Moskow - irondrive 27 h, car 20 h
  • From Sankt-Petersburg - iron drive 18 h , car 12 h
  • From Murmansk - iron drive 7 h , car 5 h

Airport: The nearest airport

  1. Apatity - 280 km by car. Only russia airport.
  2. Murmansk - 350 km by car. International airport. (Kirkenes - Murmansk) .
  3. Kuusamo Finland. - 250 km by car. International Euro airport.

The nearest international check points through frontier of Russia.

  1. Salla. (Russia - Finland)Kandalakskiy raion. Murmansk region. - 200 km by car
  2. Suoperia (Russia - Finland) Louhskiy raion. Karelia region. - 170 km by car.

The international points of examination of vessels the Coast guard staying in territorial waters of Russia:


  • Murmansk 650 nautic mile, Arkhangelsk 170 nautic mile.

Solovetskaya Regatta

  • Solovki sailing regatta Russian's is the most northern sailing regatta in Russia, it is being held just a few miles far from the polar circle and got its name as its route goes near the Solovki islands in the White Sea. The first regatta took place in 1974, it consisted of five legs more then 500 miles length each.

  • Since then up to 30 yachts of different classes from many regions of Russia take part in Solovki sailing regatta. It has more complicated weather and navigation condition then other sea regattas. Regatta is divided into several racing routes, so that yacht crew can show not only racing but also navigation skills in conditions of flood and ebb streams.

    Main aim of the regatta is to popularize sailing sport and further development of cruising races in sailing centers of Russian North and the White Sea, improve crew skills in sea racing, reveal the best crews and yacht club's teams. 

  • The contests is managed by the Committee for Physical Culture and Sport of Arkhangelsk region and regional Sailing Federation. Racing committee, approved by the Sailing Federation of Arkhangelsk region, is responsible for the realization of the contests. Any cruising yacht of any country and of any sport organization, with rights for navigation and rating certificate can take part in regatta.

    The number of participants this year was smaller then the last year.s one. There are quite objective reasons for that: long rains in May and June made it hard to set all the yachts up properly. In Archangelsk and Severodvinsk the vessels are repaired in the open air. Some yachtsmen couldn.t make it to the beginning of the Regatta for the storm, which made their way to Solovki as long as eight days.

    About regatta 2007

    The XXXIII White Sea Solovetskaya Regatta has finished. All five laps of the sea-racing were completed duly according to the schedule. The activities planned together with the Solovetsky Museum have also taken place properly...

    • The Regatta was peculiar for the unstable weather. All the laps were accompanied by calm sea, making the yachts drift along the currents for hours but suddenly it would turn into a blazing storm. So there was almost no "happy medium" - stable and moderate winds.

    • The yachtsmen got used to their having to their darning the sails which couldn.t endure the wind.s power, nevertheless the lap order has been kept within the schedule. The weather challenged the sportsmen, testing them in their skills and the will to win.

    • The storm broke the mast cross-pieces on the Severodvinsk "Olympus" boat, which had to use the outboard motor to reach the finish line. But before the fourth lap had started, the crew fixed it and restored the yacht.s leadership gaining a just victory in the fifth starting group. The same storm made the Chupa(a village in Karelia)  yacht "Vodniy Mir" loose its mast. The crew had to go back to Solovki but decided to continue the race. Having repaired the mast in two days they  won in the fourth starting group during the final lap. The victory of the "Lux" boat was quite unexpected for it made the best overall time leaving all the other sportsmen behind during a 10-hour fierce storm.

    • In its 33rd year the regatta has acquired a flag, or a brand logo. The next thing to do is a hymn. For the 1st time the was an activities programme developed by the participants, Solovetsky museum and local authorities. Particularly, a photo-exhibition has been organized showing the photographs of the earlier regattas and an open house allowing the local people and tourists not only to come aboard but even sail. We were glad to see some children from the Solovetskaya School Summer Camp and a number of high-school students.

    • For the first time there was an opportunity for people to see the laps. finish from the boats at sea. There has also been held a guitar-and-singing performance made by the regatta participants. During the Graduates-of-Solovetskaya-Sea-boy-school-commemoration venue the yachtsmen joined the teenagers who came to the newly created Solovetskaya Sea-boy School.

    • During the 33th Regatta closing ceremony the member of the Federation Council Yuriy Sivkov pointed out that a yacht-race which had lived a third of a century and struggled through the 90ies had a broad road lying before it.

    • The organizers of the Regatta are the Archangelsk region Administration and the Solovetsky museum. This time it is held by the river club sponsored by the "Ingeokom" association.



    • The Solovki is a shortened name for the Solovetsky Islands , White Sea , Russia , used primarily in reference to a prison camp in the Soviet Gulag . Historically it has been the location of the famous Russian Orthodox Solovetsky Monastery complex, which repelled foreign attacks during the Time of Troubles , the Crimean War , and the Russian Civil War .

    • By Lenin 's decree, the monastery buildings were turned into S olovetsky L ager' O sobogo N aznachenia ( SLON ), that is, the "Solovki Special Purpose Camp". The acronym of the camp name is a sullen word play for those who speak Russian : slon means " elephant ". It was one of the first "corrective labor camps ", a prototype of the Gulag system.

    • In 1926 the Solovki camp was turned into a prison, partly because of the conditions which made escape near impossible and partly because the monastery had been used as a political prison by the Russian imperial administration . The treatment of the prisoners attracted much criticism in Western Europe and the USA. After a thorough cleanup, the Soviet government sent the proletarian writer Maksim Gorky to the camp in an attempt to counter this criticism. Indeed, Gorky wrote a very favourable essay, which praised the beautiful nature of the islands. How much Gorky knew about the real conditions, remains a mystery.

    • The prison was closed in 1939 because the Second World War was imminent, while the camp was situated close to the border with Finland . The buildings were then transformed into a naval base. The Orthodox Church reestablished the monastery in 1992 , the year when the ensemble was included into UNESCO 's World Heritage List .


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